Best of both worlds - is this the perfect device?

Morning Everyone!

So I had the opportunity to try out the iSG from linknlink - its a pretty solid concept and I think it might be the perfect device for some people - they are constantly working on upgrading it! Let me know what you think!

If you tell us what the device is and what it does, I might let you know what I think. But don’t expect me to watch a random youtube video without more information.


Kind of like nowadays News-Head-Lines … Click-baits :grin:


From my search engine du jour, it appears to be a $199 display bungled with HAOS, HACS, and just about every home protocol:

Nothing that I would personally ever buy…

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Love those “Commercials” neat 10" Device ( Installed with HA-Server ), Hanging on a White Wall, No cables attached , Lovely idea :joy:

Me neither.

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Thats fair - sorry didn’t mean to waste your time.

I thought it would be an interesting device for those who have not seen it.

Its a simple 10" touch screen device that has a built in “smart home” hub similar to say smartthings or homey. It has a simplistic approach to adding devices and creating simple automations.

But they have also installed an instance of Home Assistant which “syncs” 2-way with their front end. So if/when you hit the limitations of the device, you can use home assistant to add more complex automations and unsupported devices.

I agree its probably not for me either, and I mention this in the video - but I do think its a great device for people who might be interested in setting up a smart home, but not ready for home assistant. I have a number of friends that fit this category!

Anyway - if your interested take a look, if its not for you - thats cool too!

What irritates me a bit are these tables that explain what you do get with their product compared to others. It says in the description “(zigbee and z-wave are suported via USB Dongle)” but it their table they list their own device as “originally supported” under the Zigbee colomn, but the HA green is listed as “need accessory”. They also list “remote control” as “extra fee” under HA which is not true either.

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I think this sound very promising and I’ve also have some friend who will like this device.

But to understand correct, can I or is it possible to integrate my already installed home assistant from another device into this iSG?
Or do I need to use the HA on iSG to add all my devices and automation again and scratch my originale HA?