Best practice to restart Node-Red?

When I get “Node-RED must be restarted to enable upgraded modules”, what is the best way to restart Node-Red?
Do I go to ‘Configuration, Server Management, Restart’,
Or do I need to run ‘hassio host reboot’?


I have the same question. Can’t find an answer anywhere. I’ve restarted Home Assistant. Hope that does it.


Restart Home Assistant restarts the add-ons, including Node Red.

Why not just press the restart button for Node red?

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just as it says Hellis81.

like all components

Thank you! I see there are multiple ways of restarting!

  1. Settings / Add-ons / Node-RED / RESTART (restarts Node-RED only)
  2. Settings / System / Restart Home Assistant (restarts HA and all Add-Ons)