Best practices - Bringing everything together

Hi All,

I am pretty new to home assistant but felt already in love with all the possibilities. But honestly this is also a bit overwhelming at first. Luckily there is this great community where I was able to learn a lot from - Big THANK YOU!

I would like to pick your brains and ask about your best practices how you setup your home. My problem is, that I am using Google assistant, philips hue, some ikea devices and a raspi running with home assistant. As I earlier started with hue and then google, I had created rooms in all of them. Then connected hue in Google assistant and lately connected google assistant with home assistant.
This seems to mess up quite a lot, it duplicated my devices and so on.
How did you solve this? Should I connect everything only to home assistant, meaning unkinking e.g. hue from google assistant?

Looking forward to hearing from you and about your experiences and best practices.
Thanks in advance.

if it works and does the job thats the best practices

me im on to my 3rd rebuild so does that mean I got it wrong the first 2 no it was finding MY best practices

and with HA there are heaps of best practices

HA is the the thing that joins all the bits

HUE can’t talk to 433rf

but with HA in the MIDDLE

I have 433rf door sensor when OPEN HA turns on the HUE lights

so whats best practices if does what you want them its the best practices for you

as my best practices are only mine

my final word is JUST JUMP IN AND DO IT

as you loon more your best practices will change

And some prefer NodeRed, some yaml,
or a mix of the above… or none and stick to the UI.

I don’t think there is a preferred way :thinking:

You mentioned duplicate devices from integrating different ecosystems (Hue, Google, etc.)…

I had that problem, too - I use Hue, Caseta, and TP-Link to name a few. My current solution for that is that I connect all those devices to HA and then connect HA to Google. I removed the direct connection between Google and (Hue, Caseta, TP-Link, etc.).

That way, essentially everything connects to HA as its primary integration, and then I use HA to forward only the things I want to Google. No worries about duplicate entities or figuring out what’s connected to what via what.


I second the idea of using HA to integrate with all of your devices, then having your digital assistant only connect with HA. I’ve also been having problems with multiple devices appearing and also device state (Tuya) being out of sync.

I’ve still got a lot of things to reconfigure this way, but having HA be the single source of truth is the way to go.