Best sliding gate solution

Hi All,

I’ve got a DEA sliding gate with a iSmartGate lite garage door opener this setup is terrible since I can’t get the iSmartGate lite to work properly with HomeKit (It works for a little bit but then says the gate is unavailable) The iSmartGate app is terrible. The Gogogate2 and iSmartgate integration works but it doesn’t know whether the gate is opened or not so sometimes the buttons don’t do anything.

It’s a sliding gate so I’m not sure how you could be 100% sure that it’s closed. I’ve gotten really frustrated with the iSmartGate not working. The other way the gate can be open is with a remote (Not connected to the iSmartGate.

What options do have to make this work? I would like to have the gate in home assistant for some future plans automating it and also have it in homekit.


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Place a door/window contact sensor of some description on the gate. Zigbee, Zwave, Wifi, there are many. Stick it on the end of the gate that butts up against the post when closed.

You could then create a template cover using this sensor for the state template and the commands from your iSmartgate integration to open and close it.

Hmmm that could work, I looked into another device and found the Athom Garage Door Opener for ESPHome. Which might work better since the reed switch is wired compared to the iSmartGate which has a wireless reed switch.

My only concern is that I won’t be able to configure it like a sliding gate in home assistant since it’s a garage door opener and the videos I’ve seen on it show that it have 2 buttons and up and down, I wonder if there is a way to make a switch out of it?

Looks like I can just edit the yaml and change the device class to gate.

Can someone confirm if that will work?


Yes you can change the device class from door to gate. If the device is discovered you can even do this from the UI instead of yaml.

Great thank you, could I then add it into Apple Home with the homebridge integration?

I was looking at the HomeKit integration page and it doesn’t look like the device class gate is supported in HomeKit, which of the ones that are supported would work best for a sliding gate?

Thank you

It looks like HomeKit is quite limiting in what devices it can support so the best I can do is use Garage door.

There’s no reason to use it. Just use the HA dashboard.

Yeah, but it has remote access and is more convenient for some although I will probably just use the HA Dashboard.

HA has lots of methods for remote access too. I recommend Nabu Casa or the Tailscale addon. First one is not free but profits do go towards supporting home assistant development.

Yeah I’ve currently got a Cloudflare tunnel setup, which works well since not everything goes into HomeKit and I still want to access those devices remotely.