Best smart Thermostat for HA/Alexa


I have had a Nest tStat for years.

I was great until Google recently took it over.
Now it doesn’t seem as “smart”. Yes there is the Alexa skill - but who would trust Google/Amazon remaining all cozy/friendly into the future of home automation?
Recently I have got a HA project up and running - it’s awesome… lovin it…
I have pretty much got everything integrated directly now into HA (with the Alexa skill overriding the top giving me voice control of most things)
I have Zigbee mesh running well via ZHA

The problem is the Nest HA integration is a nightmare… Yes it is possible… but seriously?.. with near on 100 steps - and a break of just one in the future is going to trash Nest as a reliable HA device. And let’s face it tStats need to be reliable

So my question is this.

What tStat do I replace the Nest with?

Something that is both easy to integrate into and control with HA and works with Alexa?