Best way to install Home Assistant on Unraid?

I have been running Home Assistant on Unraid for the past year or so using a Docker based setup. I followed some instructions to get Hassio up and running as a Docker. I realize this is not a “official” setup because I keep seeing the message in the screenshot below and my Hassio docker keeps stopping every day.

So I’d like to start fresh with a more official way to get Home Assistant up and running on Unraid but still with the community App Store capability that Hassio provides. Is installing this in a VM on Unraid the best way to do this ? Can anyone share what is the best guide to follow ?


I am currently running Home Assistant OS vm on Unraid and have been very happy with it.

I’ve bounced around between install methods over the years. I started with a raspberry pi, and installed docker Ubuntu, then Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu, and now I’ve been happy to just let the Home Assistant OS (in a VM) handle the back end.