Best way to reuse a smart plug for several equipments


(I’m new to home assistant.)

I’ve bought one smart plug to measure the actual power consumption in my home and I plan to move it from one equipment to another once I have gathered a meaningful amount of data.

What would be the best way to keep track of the equipment the measures were related to for a given timeframe ?

I’ve thought about resetting & renaming the smart plug on every change, but maybe there’s a better solution (is it just possible to add tags/notes to a given part of or point in time in the measures data ?

The same question would probably apply to non-energy usages as well…

You could use labels for this - much easier than renaming it. An entity can have multiple labels, so you could add one for each piece of equipment tested.

Alternatively you might like to have a look at Powercalc.

That has a database of devices, particularly lights, which might save you some work.

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Ok so you mean I should still reset the plug but just add tags instead of renaming ?

You may not need to reset the plug even, depending on what sensors it has. I have one that has an “energy today” sensor, for example.

Edit: Again, Powercalc may save you some time if you have devices that use power at a steady rate - if you can get that rate from the box or the manual, you can set up a sensor to calculate consumption from how long it has been switched on.

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Thanks I’ll see what’s the best I can do with tagging.
At first, I’ve taken several series of measures in a day so the daily value likely cannot help me ; but I keep the idea for the ones which will be observed for several days !

I’ve been looking at Powercalc but I’ve already got all factory data and I’m in the next phase consisting of getting data for my real usage :wink: