Best way to set specific brightness for times of day?

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I’m using a Yeelight tunable white bulb in my baby daughter’s room. I’m toggling the light with a simple wall button (rf model).

I’d like to have HA set the brightness so it’s lower in the evening and lowest at night. Live dimming is not required. Three or four steps of brightness would be ideal.

What’s the best way to do this? I know I can do it in node-red but I don’t want to install it and keep it running for this simple thing. Having multiple automations seems inelegant as I’ll probably use this for other lights too. I already have circadian lightning adjust the white temperature.


Hi, you can look at the scheduler card. It can help you with such schedules.

One option I use is Adaptive Lighting which can control brightness, colour temperature, or both. No need for automations :smiley:

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… or OOTB Flux integration …

Thanks for your help! I’ll try the Adaptive lighting addon.

I’ve tried Adaptive lighting but it does not adjust brightness at all. Color temp gets adjusted, I don’t know if by AL or something else.

Here’s the settings, anything amiss?

EDIT: it seems to have been in conflict with the builtin circadian_lighting: HA functionality. All is working now, thanks!