Best way to setup light bulbs in HA to make sure stuff works if server goes down

Have just moved and am planning to setup my HA server fresh, but one thing that annoyed me and I cant rap my head around is how to configure/connect for example ikea light bulbs and remotes so that they still work if the HA server goes down.

Before, if HA went down all remotes was not working - not a good experience.
Now, before I have set up my HA in the new house I have just connected my remotes directly the lights. This works very good ATM but has zero ‘smartness’.

Can I for example connect my remotes to lights (like I have now) AND home assistant to the lights. In other words leave the remotes out of HA.
The only “loss” I can think of is that I will not be able to get a warning on when to change batteries, that I can live without.

Hi, which zigbee integration are you using?
With zigbee2MQTT you still can control your devices.
Since the smart part is in HA you will loose that anyway if HA is down.

There will always be one part that can fail but by making sure that your HA runs stable, you have a working backup (which you tested) you can bring your system live again in a short timeframe.

I previously used deconz.
Have thought about setting up MQTT but never gotten around to it.

Loosing the smart part (automations etc) is totally OK - that my other half can’t turn on the lights at home is NOT ok :smiley:
So basic functions should -always- work, in other words.

I don’t think that’s actually possible, sadly.

Like… You can pair devices only with 1 coordinator, and each light (bulb) can only have 1 controller (zigbee, matter, WiFi).

If your coordinator is down, there’s no way to control the paired devices.

Only thing that works is if the light turns on when you press the light switch twice when it was “off by software”.

Edit: read your question again. Ikea has a local gateway through which you can access your bulbs. They also have remotes that go with the gateway. You can control the gateway through HA, and when it’s down, use the remote that’s connected to the gateway. Not sure about the Internet connection and privacy if that’s a concern.

You pair the remotes to the bulp/driver or plug , as you now did
Ha don’t see the remotes, and not aware of them (beside the battery)
When you turn on the light, the ikea hub the state is reflected in HA
In HA you can make any Automation from this state, connect motion sensors to the light, turn on/off , or/and if lights from on to off, etc. etc.
Yes you will still have the battery-sensor, if you don’t like it disable it (it’s only in HA it’s disabled)
Actually i even have 1 automation through the ikea hub/app, so all this the 1 automation, and the remotes, still works if HA is down.
True, if you “only” have a coordinator that works through HA, it will go down with it :wink:
But the remote is still direct paired to the device, and works regardless if the ikea-hub is turned of

Not True with Ikea-stuff , you pair the remotes direct to the bulp/plug or Driver, or whatever ikea stuff you have, it works as long as there is battery, and power ( to the paired device ) , painless :smile:

There is another option though: use WiFi/Zigbee in-wall switches with your regular light switches and dumb bulbs.