Best way to share my setup?

I’ve got a huge amount out of these forums and the config’s people have been kind enough to share. I’m almost at a point where I feel I can give something back and share my config but could do with a little help with the best way of doing it in such a way that enabling me to keep it up to date as things evolve.

My setup is 2 RPi’s with Hassio, one dedicated to NR and the other for everything else. They are both setup with git for the local config and NR is setup with git (projects) too. (no remotes configured & sensitive data not excluded)

I dont think theres any point in just dumping everything as it is into github because all automations are in Node-Red so it will all end up disjointed making it a complete nightmare for anyone who wants to take something out of it.
Seeing what others have done I think the best approach would be to have one config and save NR flows and screenshots in a folder with the HA package it is apart of.

Is there anyway I can get my yaml into a subfolder of this repository in a easy way where I can update it

Repository root
¬ config < pull in my HA config here
   ¬ packages
      ¬ lights
         ¬ lights.yaml
         ¬ nr.jpg < manual add NR Screenshots of flow
         ¬ < manually create readme