Best Wiki (works with Ingress) for tracking home details

I’m looking for a method to track home details for each room and tool in the house. Possibly something like a wiki (BookStack seems like it would work well but it doesn’t work with Nabu Casa or Ingress).

Use cases:

  • be able to record what is in each room, such as what brand of plates we have in the kitchen or what table we have along with stain color and wood type
  • access these pages outside the house (eg when out shopping)
  • search and browse by room
  • link each room to Floorplan so I can click on a room (or an icon per room) and see details
  • track things like configurations and automations and notes of how things are configured
  • have some type of API where I can list notes of things within either an Iframe or div that can be embedded in other displays

I think the BookCase addon works well for all of these use cases, but it doesn’t work with Ingress so it is not accessible outside our firewall.

Any thoughts? How do you all manage the plethora of details for your house? Right now, I’m keeping a binder of each item but the pages are full of details and it’s hard to access especially when out of the house.

Should I try to relook at the BookCase addon and see if I can recode it so that it works with Ingress? That’s the current approach I’m thinking, but I don’t have the bandwidth to work on that for a few months.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever make any progress on this? With the complexity of most Home Assistant setups, I think some sort of documentation ability that is compatible with ingress would be a major improvement.

It sounds like BookStack isn’t ingress compatible because of how it handles images? I wonder how easy that is to fix?

I’m also searching for a solution to create own docs and user guides. As BookStack doesn’t work with ingress, one way I could think of is to create some sort of documentation on GitHub and link to it or put it in an Iframe. BookStack with ingress would be much better of course.

Does anybody know if actions are ongoing to implement the ingress function into BookStack?

For me it’s a great addon, but without it loses a lot of potential. But I’m also sure, that there are reasons why it’s not implemented yet.

You could also run the Nginx Proxy Manager Add on, if you have a domain name you can point to the IP address, and then place it behind Lets Encrypt SSL and Basic Auth, forwarding the traffic through the domain at port 80 to the BookStack at port 2665.

And you could use a solution like zerotier or twingate.