Best working led rgb controller

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I am looking for a fully functional well integrated led rgb controller for my hassio. I want to be able to control all colors via my hassio. As a controller, I looked for a Zigbee controller such as
Zigbee Contoller RGBCCT 1ID Smart LED Controller Dimmable Compatible with Zigbee 3.0

Can you recommend something which controller can best be integrated into the hassio?

There’s not been a “hassio” since January 2020. That install method is called Home Assistant OS, and how you install Home Assistant doesn’t really matter to what it supports.

That said, that controller works - I have it, and the next generation of them - and use it with Zigbee2MQTT. They should work fine with ZHA too.

Shelly RGBW2 works very well and is perfectly integrated :
Shelly RGBW2 | Shelly Shop Europe

It’s a Wifi RGBW controller though.