Best Z-wave USB stick available?

I set up HA about a year ago, and used a Nortek HUSBZB-1 stick. I have it extended on a usb extension so it’s out of my rack, but I’m constantly having device issues. From reading it seems like this stick is way outdated.

  1. What is the best stick available March 2024?
  2. What is the process for installing a new z-wave stick? Migration?
  3. Any other upgrades that I should consider?
  4. Do most of you have an automation to ping a device when it goes dead?

Thx for the input.

I was looking into the Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range S2 Stick (ZST39 LR) as listed on the Z-Wave Controllers - Home Assistant page as its the newest listed should I need to add z-wave support to my setup.

I have had this stick for around a year and it works fine.