Best Zigbee environment sensors

What are the best Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors? Of course, the definition of “best” will vary, but here are some properties to consider:

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability – will they remain connected to the network without issues?
  • Build quality
  • Compatibility – do they work flawlessly with the major Zigbee implementations: ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ?
  • Other sensors beyond temperature and humidity such as pressure, CO₂, presence/motion, light intensity, noise
  • Temperature range
  • Power consumption – not having to change batteries all the time is nice
  • Cost
  • Availability – easy to order and get delivered reasonably fast to anywhere in the world

Certainly, no one sensor will score the highest on all these criteria, but I’d love to hear your opinions and war stories. Are there other properties you consider important?


Hard to tell, I only have 2 models :
Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity sensor
Blitzwolf BW-IS4

Both are accurate and reliable using Zigbee2MQTT, and I did not have to change the batteries in 2 years.
The Blitzwolf was not much more expensive then the Xiaomi, but has a nice display.

Fast delivery is a concern if you order from AliExpress or Banggood.

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I was going to recommend the Philips Hue motion sensors: Hue Motion sensor | Philips Hue (

However, if humidity is a requirement, these are out. They do temperature, motion, and illuminance. Rock solid under ZHA with battery life into the 1+ year. They have an outdoor version which I would also recommend.

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+1 for the Aqara and ZigBee2mqtt been running solid here and battery life as been amazing


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I use Aqara Temp/Humidity/Baro Pressure on ZHA. They worked great with deconz also. Sensors are all over the homestead including outside (protected by being under eaves). Cheap, accurate, good battery life (>1 year) been running for over 3 years without issue.
I’m in Texas, the temp range here is -8F to 110F. That -8F was just a couple months ago, a once in a lifetime event. The outdoor sensor still worked. That 110F is also rare, that sensor is in the attic…sensor still worked.
I order them from Amazon and get them about 2 days after the order.

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Thank you for all the great replies! Many seem happy with the Aqara WSDCGQ11LM (the square one). Just ordered 28 of them.

On a similar note, are there any Zigbee temperature sensors that work in a freezer? The Aqara one only goes down to -20ºC (-4ºF), and the CR2032 batteries don’t seem to last long when they get cold.

I tried the Aqara in the freezer and I noticed they report at least as far down as -23ºC. However you’re right about the battery life… after about a week they go offline, so I’m also looking for sensors that last a little longer. Maybe with AA batteries, I don’t really care if they’re a bit larger, they’ll be invisible anyway once they’re hidden between the frozen goods.

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