Best zigbee light that can go really dim

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Hi All,

I use zigbee sengled lights all over my house, they’re the most reliable and easiest to set up. I also have one in my bathroom which is motion activated.

Now at night (after 11pm) I set it to come on if activated at its minimum brightness… the only problem is its still really bright!

So I want to hear what people would recommend I replace it with, need a light where the minimum brightness is actually really dim… it must be a bayonet B22 light as I’m in the UK.



Please mind you I know very little about electronics…

Dimmers I have played with are able to regulate the power passing threw them to a very low level. If you are using an LED there is a minimum starting voltage. the onboard electronics need sufficient power to start up, then they start pumping out light. If you swap to a old incandescent you can test it.

If you want super dim LED I imagine you wound need a always on controller that you feed some kind of signal. Or try to find a bulb that has a very low starting voltage. I think this is why WiFi bulbs have become so popular. Its always on and then regulates power to the light on its own.

Hope that helps, good luck

#Edit Just re-read your question you are not using switch dimmers. Sorry my answer is irrelevant to your question.