Beta for Hysen thermostats powered by broadlink


Yes, I wanted to write:
Now I rename the thermostat name, but it still does not work.
I enclose my log file


The real problem is that I do not even create the button of thermostat on the main screen. I started from a clean installation. I started from scratch.


  • platform: hysen
    name: House
    host: 192.168.178.xx
    mac: “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”
    target_temp_default: 20
    target_temp_step: 0.5
    scan_interval: 15

I include the hysen.yaml file (please change the extension in .py to control)

hysen.yaml (17.8 KB)

With these settings on reboot I get this screen


@Nicolo_Ayroldi, from the error log, there is something wrong with the MAC address your are specifying in mac: “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”


Is it possible to return the internal temp reading after switching the thermostat to external temp. After i switch to external temp sensor the “current_temperature” will show the external temp reading.
The goal would be to use the external temp sensor to regulate the floor but the internal temp sensor would give me the temp in the room.


@Raasu2, you can get both temps from the attributes “room_temp” for internal sensor and “external_temp” for remote in HA such as by setting a sensor up. For what you are describing don’t you want to use sensor mode In-s control./ Out-s limit “2 = for internal control temperature, external limit temperature”?


Can all backup the file they have working and try the latest please


I think i cannot use internal temp for limit, because the room temp is actually almost always lower then external sensor. Only when room is actually in use the room temp will exceed the external temp. (it is a cold sauna room where i want to use floor heating so the room temp wont go below “0”, the floor will be about 10 when the room can be 5. Only when we heat the sauna the room will be hotter then the floor).

I have set up 2 sensors as described in the current temp and external temp. But when thermostat is in exteral temp mode then current temp = external temp. I cannot find the attribute for the internal sensor alone.


ok you could always edit the current temp function in your custom component file to ingnore the sensor mode and always return the roomtemp?


Hi I solved. Thank’s!


Python version ??


Why dont you use a spdt relay to reverse the output from the thermostat. Then when you set a low setpoint the ac will run until its hit then the thermostat will switch on and turn ac off. then you could change the icon to cooling instead of heat


Ok but SPDT relay is an hardware solution and is better a software solution since in Winter the thermostat have to work as usually.


Thank you, now working!!!


So your not bothered about control from the actual thermostat only from HA?


Exactly only in HA.


WOnderful, thank’s for your sharing.
Is it possible to insert the Child lock and the anti-freeze key in the template?
Another question:
I installed a Beok 303 wifi thermostat in an apartment in New York city and would like to drive it remotely because the homeassistant server is installed in Paris. Which router port should I open?


hi if you get the latest version from here the remotelock and frost protection can be set using a HA service call along with schedule… as for the port pretty sure its UDP on port 80


Ok, I did not understand very well how to get the antifreeze and child protection controls. But I would like to resolve the remote control on Beok first.

I have opened in my router the 80 port in udp related to the address of my thermostat
When I insert my static ip in configuration.yaml, I receive an error in the configuration.


  • platform: hysen
    name: Kitchen
    mac: -: -: -: -: -: -: -: -
    target_temp_default: 20
    target_temp_step: 0.5
    scan_interval: 15

I also tried to insert
I always get error
Any idea?



@nek1970, so the host: is expecting an IP address not a dns name (it is not coded to do a DNS lookup), so it would need to be the public IP and port forward to the IP address of your thermostats IP in NY. However I would think a better way to do this if possible would be to set up a VPN between your local and your NY network.

For the frost/child protection in HA look for the services icon (which looks like a remote control) in there you should see
climate.hysen_set_remotelock which you can call with json like {“entity_id”:“climate.my_thermostat”,“remotelock”:1}
climate.hysen_set_advanced which you can call with json like


I wanted to avoid creating a VPN for a single object. Are you going to codify it in the future for DNS?

Is Correct? However it tells me: service called but the block icon does not appear on the thermostat display.

I always have to go to the remote control icon, or you can create a button to be inserted into the thermostat group?