[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Version 0.3.5

  • Lovelace UI views and cards id issue fix
  • Error handling improvements


Thanks, but still something is wrong. I have updated the log in the issue I created today.


Did you find a reason of your HA crash? My HA crashed too several days ago and I still don’t know a reason. Now it works but only after several backups restored.


No, not yet. Its a weird one. I also lost my Home Network devices (it doesn’t see my Local network Area devices on a PC), but I see my NAS mapped drives and can access them, but HASSIO mapped drive is not accessable. I also can’t connect through SSH to Pi3. First option is to unplug it and restart it that way. 2nd option is to plug SSD to PC via USB.


Ok, pulling plug seemed to help. Surprise, surprise, after restart my devices appeared in My Local Network on My PC. Very strange.
And I also have lovelace UI in your app now.
Also, my log file in HA is empty, there are no entries before restart. WTF.


Can’t connect

1104 20:57:47 [Debug] : Automatic reconnect is false
1104 20:57:50 [Debug] : Socket sink closed
1104 20:58:18 [Debug] : Settings change event: reconnect=true
1104 20:59:09 [Debug] : Settings change event: reconnect=true
1104 20:59:09 [Debug] : Use lovelace is true
1104 20:59:09 [Debug] : Socket connecting…
1104 20:59:09 [Error] : Socket stream Error: WebSocketChannelException: WebSocketChannelException: SocketException: OS Error: Connection refused, errno = 111, address =, port = 40180
1104 20:59:09 [Debug] : Automatic reconnect is false
1104 20:59:12 [Debug] : Socket sink closed


Could you please report this to github and we will sort it out. Thanks.


Thanks again for the updates! In my Lovelace UI I have 2 tabs/views. So HA Client also shows 2 tabs. When clicking the second tab nothing happens. But I think it is not a bug: my 2nd tab only has media-player related entries, which HA Client doesn’t support (yet?).


No, this is a known issue. As temporary fix you can completely close an app (from Android settings) and launch it again.


Version 0.3.7 is rolling out:

  • Fix location name (title field) for Lovelace
  • Fix issue with colors for more then 10 states in entity history
  • Fix covers tilt position issue
  • Allow to open cover if it is not fully opened
  • Display view (tab) name if no icon set for it
  • Generate entity name from entity id if there is no other source for it
  • Fix very long state text issue
  • Hide controls for unavailable lights
  • Saving settings button state fix
  • ‘Post log to github’ button was removed


Good job. But my suggestion is change to smaller size font because some devices show to short… Look on screen

Problem is on Huawei P10


It’s getting better and better with every update. Thanks.


Nice. I agree with that the names are cut off too soon now. I have plenty of whitespace available between the device name and the state, but still some text gets replaced with ‘…’

With 0.3.7 I am unable to switch to the Lovelace UI. After saving, nothing happens and it turns out that afterwards ‘Use Lovelace UI’ switch is disabled again.


There is a known issue with changing settings in 0.3.7. Fix is coming soon.


But option change size font?


Please, report it to github. Thanks


Change the setting, tap somewhere else on the screen, click sae. This did it for me.


Thanks @atomicpapa
Indeed as a workaround if you want to change some settings represented as switch, you need to switch it and then tap inside any text input. After that you can save settings and it will apply.
The fix is coming with today’s release somewhere around 22:00 EET


Hey all! How do you feel about setting a default Home Assistant icon as HA Client icon?


Well, that’s fine by me. But, personally, I would edit the icon slightly, so people would know its HA Client:

  1. Leave the “house” icon size as it is.
  2. The “tree” inside the “house”, make it smaller, so you can move it up.
  3. The new available space at the bottom of the “house” (and below the “tree” root) write “HA Client”.

Either way, it looks good in my mind, but final result may be actually crap, so it’s only a suggestion.