[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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today i downloaded the HA Client from google store in Menu>About HA Client is “HA Client 0.3.10”.
i think is mistake ?

BTW GREAT work… and thx for you time and effort


Why it should be a mistake? It is the last released version.


ah sorry i read it like 0.3.1
im just dumb :smiley:


any chance to get some more Lovelace card types (entity-filter, plus other)?


Yes. I’m planning to support all main (not custom) Lovelace cards. I’m planning to make one more release this year before I’ll go to Christmas holidays and there will be entity buttons, horizontal stacks and maybe more


thanks a lot!! entity-filter and I will be a happy user for the Christmas holiday :smiley:


Deal. Will add entity-filter in next update :wink:


if its not too complicated would be nice to receive a message when a service is requested, like a toast or similar (non intrusive)


It is already implemented for next release :wink:


Does anybody know why I can’t edit the first message in this thread any more?


I think by default the time limit to edit posts is 2 months, you should ask a mod to grant you some more rights.


you can start a new thread and call it Beta: the software is already working very well


Hey @balloob. Could you please give me the rights to edit the first post on this thread?


Can you try again? I updated the trust level. I’m not sure if that’s enough.


Looks like I can edit the title of thread, it’s tags and category, but not the body of first post


Hmmm, perhaps only moderators can.


Can you give it a try?


Yes! It works now. Thanks a lot.


When you share new version or version 4.0 ?


I haven’t upgraded to 0.84.1, since I use your app and it seems that something is not working, according to this post