[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Are you using Lovelace? I am not and running 0.84.1 and it works fine.


Yes I exclusively use Lovelace. I stopped using legacy UI long ago


Gotcha, okay.


I’m using Lovelace too. And I’ve updated to 0.84.1. And it works fine for me. Try it. If there will be some issue - just report it and we will solve it quick, I hope.


Version 0.3.11

  • Entity-button support
  • Horizontal and vertical stack support
  • Entity-filter card support
  • Fix Lovelace tap_action and hold_action parsing for HA >= 0.84.1

Looks like there will be some more releases with hot fixes for 0.84.1


Guys, I need more tests with HA 0.84.1. Did someone already updated and is using Lovelace UI? Did someone have some more issues appeared after HA update to 0.84.1?

By the way, login with legacy password is not working in HA Client with HA 0.84.1. You will get “Unknown error code 3”. In this case you should move to access token.


I use HA 0.84.1 and use also app 0.3.11. I also use Lovelace with new place where is config lovelace : /.storage (not in yaml file ui-lovelace.yaml)
For now all works ok. I use generated token on my app.

Still wait to implement generate token from menu app android. But now i must generate by weg gui , then copy long token and put it to app. It is not simply for user.

And when you plan share 0.4.0 version ? And go to stable version(not aplha) ?


If you are talking about a milestone 0.4.0 in github - this is the scope of a stable release. All those items should be implemented before going public. So there is a lot of work as you can see.


you can paste it in an email, send it to yourself, and then open the email client on your phone (I do so) and copy/paste in the app. It’s a 1 minute thing


Yes but other app has implement auto generate. Also in this will be good option… If possible.


I have two device in my HA connected by onewire. It is name/entity:

and it has show in app with wrong icon. Not termometer. Show icon eye. For other sensors temperature show correct icon as termometer. But in web browser show correct icon. Only in your app is wrong.


Yes, I know. You reported this issue three times to github. Please, be patient. There is a lot of more important issues that should be also fixed.


sure, but this app is way better, in my opinion. I prefer the developer to concentrate on releasing additional cards and fix bugs, then at the end I am sure he can add such a feature too (although of minor importance)


Version 0.3.12

  • Fixes for Lovelace UI changes in HA 0.84.1
  • Fix of unneeded symbols in entity state
  • Fix for undiscovered and missing entities
  • Some hints in settings view


Guys, APK file for 0.3.12 and future releases will be available here: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client/releases
It is a signed by Google Play, so theoretically, updates from Google Play should work fine.


Fantastic everything works as expected. I have 95% of what I have in regular UI, but 10 times faster.

Thanks a lot.

p.s. when you have a chance for the alarm card, then 100% of my usage case is covered.
I use also picture-elements, but can live without it, I guess is difficult to adapt it to an android app


Thanks @Klagio! It is a real pleasure to hear that!


Version 0.3.13

  • Entity states by device class
  • Fix newly discovered entities issue
  • Fix hidden card in horizontal-stack issue


Hi! Any chance to add vacuum?


Yes. But next year :wink: