[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Hi @estevez,
in my experience with the app i can say it’s very usefull but i think there are some things to develop. in my opinion more important is camera entiry, you only can see image in little icon so you can’t use it, also but less important are historical graphs and weather forecast card.
last, there are no badges but i don’t know if it is a desired choice.
hope this can help also other users.


Hi @dvd78
Thanks for your opinion.
Badges are in place and working fine. If you don’t see them, please report the issue on github.


So happy with this app, is my most used app after browsing and email.

Thanks again.

Any chance for a Ios version? Trying to make wife shift to Androis because of this app. Difficult to convince apple fan though, lol


But Home Assistant already has a full-featured official ios app.


This app is powered by Flutter framework. And Flutter framework is a way to build fast cross-platform apps. So yes, in future I’m planning to optimize it to make it work on iOS as well.


This is a companion app, not fully featured one.


By far the best Home Assistant app, I enjoy it every day.
Already as is its more then sufficient.

Missing just Alarm and few minor things


Are there some instructions somewhere on how to build this app from the source?


You can download apk right from github. There is no instructions for this app. But you can read about Flutter development environment setup.


You think picture-elements will be added in the future?
It’s not so important, since it’s really just a cosmetic upgrade.
Just curious about development.
This is what I have in Lovelace but don’t use it, since I prefer HA Client by far compared to Chrome app


Unfortunately I have an android 5.1 phone, so that doesn’t work. I am quite happy to build it myself, but it would be useful to have some hints on how to set it up.


But the app works with android 5.0 and higher.


Definitely I’ll try to add it.


Ahh Vacuum too, that also is used, although rarely in my case


Ahh sorry, I was reading targetSDK instead of minSDK.

I would still like to build it myself. Is it just a matter of installing Flutter and using that?


Yes, should be


When you plan share new version and version tree 0.4.0?


Currently there is no plan at all. All depends on my inspiration and free time


Okm becuase on start looks all very good and good support and now all wil be stoped… :frowning:


Yes, because now I have less inspiration and free time