[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Do not just do it that the project will be abandoned again.


So help me with development. Or just stop pushing. This is not my regular job. This is not paid job. This is not event a job. This is a hobby.


Ok ok :slight_smile:
If i can and i know i help you but i dont know programming…But i belive that you not lost this project.


The program works 100% well (with 95% of the functionality available , while other apps are far from this result) . Plus this app is open source.

I don’t understand why no one is picking up this app yet in development: unfortunately I have zero experience in programming.


I also has unfortunately I have zero experience in programming


Hi all
I need your help guys. The question is for those using alarm control panels. There is no supported_features attribute in this entity and I have only one device by demo platform. So it is not real actually ))
I need to know is there only two buttons here on entity view in web UI for any type of alarm?

I’m asking this because alarm-panel card in Lovelace UI could have up to 4 buttons to control the alarm. But without supported_features attribute I cant figure out which services are supported bu current alarm system.


Mmhh I have installed this (Yet another alarm system).

YET another take on an alarm system the State attributes, there is no “supported features” but only “supported status”

Not sure i understood correctly though

“supported_statuses_on”: [
“motion detected”
“supported_statuses_off”: [


In front end when inactive I have two buttons (HOME to activate alarm in home mode, and AWAY to activate alarm in away mode).

When active, I have a button DISARM and a keypad to enter the disarming code.

I think that’s enough for 98% of user case



In entity show only two button but i added three


Thanks, all the same as demo platform


Thank you. I think you are right.


maybe you want to add a PANIC button: when pressed it triggers the alarm, that could come in handy and is good to have in your great app.

YOu don’t want to use the slow Chrome app for a panic situation


Nice one! Created a CR: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client/issues/282
Will add in next release. Thanks.


0.3.14 is here. Release notes: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client/releases/tag/0.3.14


Guys, please report issues to GitHub instead of leaving bad reviews on Google Play.


There were two 0.3.14 release? I updated the app two times. Second time the alarm card problem went away (also the problem with the font went away)

Fantastic upgrade, love it


There was 0.3.14 where you found 2 issues. I’ve fixed them and released the same 0.3.14 but with hotfixes.
I want to thank you for you active testing and reporting, by the way!
I’m planning to change version numerating to avoid confusion with hotfixes.


I don’t need it, but yes just to avoid confusion for new members, maybe call it in the future 0.3.15a then b then c, for example


The next version will be 3.15.x, where “3” is major release, “15” - minor one, and “x” - build number


You can add the option of card-modder.js?