[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Unfortunately it is not possible yet to apply CSS to flutter widgets.


Moved to a new website: http://ha-client.vynn.co/


How about making the UI more similar to the web app?



The differences are subtle, but in my opinion the web app looks better.

Also, can the alarm card be configured to be used without PIN? Now it can be used with a blank pin, but could it be hidden?

Now, I realize looks are something less important than functionality, but I wanted to give a few suggestions anyway. Thank you for your hard work. This is IMO the best native app at the moment.


Hi @areks
I see several issues here. On a first screen your alarm panel card is not rendered as alarm panel. It is rendered as entities card. Could you please report this issue on GitHub? Thanks.
The second thing - I don’t see any attribute to determine that current alarm is requires no pin, except code_format is null. Please report this as a separate issue as well. I will try to figure it out. Thanks.


Could it be because I’m using a custom view? (this one: Lovelace: Alarm card)


Possible, use the standard one


@areks, yes. Custom cards is not supported


Bedside I think they have basically the same functionality


I don’t use the standard one because I’m stuck with a full number pad and I don’t use a pin code. But thanks for the suggestion!


I see the issue. I’ll implement this functionality in next version: hide pin pad if code_format is null.


Dear all.

  1. Discord server will be closed on Feb 20th due to it’s useless.
  2. Reed news on HAClient in my blog: http://homemade.systems


New version 0.4.0 out. This is the best Home Assistant Android client available


The new colour picker its great


Yeah, new color picker is awesome!

What was wrong with pull to refresh tho?


Thanks @Kvasenok and @Klagio, I love it too! ))

Pull to refresh was for updating all UI from server. The same is done by app automatically when it starts or goes from background. Even when you lock your device’s screen with app on top and unlock it back - the app updates all UI as well. So manual refresh is not so useful. The second reason I removed it is preparing for multiple columns support for landscape and tablets. It will be very hard to implement if “pull to refresh” will still be there.


How version 4.0 support streaming from camera? How I must add it to lovelace in Home Assistant?

And in version series 4.0 long name entity still no looks good. Still not show full name and show…


Just open any camera entity. It is supported only there for now, on entity view.


Hi, I also do not understand well: I do see the circle with the picture inside, but clickink on it brings out the full menu (access_token, file_path, friendly_name and so on), but no camera image or stream.

I tried both with generic and ffmpeg

  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: Living2
    input: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/rtsp_live0

  - platform: generic
    name: Kitchen

  - platform: generic
    name: West
    still_image_url: http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/101/picture


Please report this to github. Thanks


No doubt I am new to this… what is “token” on connection info. Is this the duckdns token?