[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Here you are: http://ha-client.homemade.systems/docs#authentication


There was a major camera issue in 0.4.0. It was fixed in 0.4.2. Most of the cameras should work now.
Currently known issues:

  • svg images is not supported. Issue #302
  • streaming will freeze after some time playing. Closing and opening camera entity again will help. Issue #306


Thanks for this excelent app. Everything works as expected except camera entity. I use ffmpeg platform and when i open camera app freeze and app restart is needed. Should i open issue on github?

  ffmpeg_bin: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

  - platform: ffmpeg
    input: !secret camera_rtsp
    name: CAM_1


This issue already reported, but your additional info will be helpful: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client/issues/307
Add your config to that issue please. Also, if the app freeze with red screen, please take a screenshot of it.


0.4.3 is going out with the fix for ffmpeg cameras and other camera improvements, including reconnection on connection lost. Please test after update.
SVG images as camera source is still in work.

Also discord server was closed.


My ffmpeg camera now works. Yeeee. Thanks. Is there any chance to use local ip 192.168.x.x when i’m connected to home network and duckdns address for external access?


yep, perfectly working!!! Love it even more


You can create a feature request for this on GitHub


is it possible to have the apk i don’t have the play store on my android tablets …



Latest apk can be found here: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client/releases


Great work cameras now working for me.

Just picture cards to cover all my current uses.

In your own time no rush appreciate this is just a hobby.


@estevez Home Assistant 0.89 contains some functionality (which I don’t really understand though) that might be of interest to this project.


Thanks @GoSpursGoNL! Some features of that component are really useful!


@estevez do push notifications work? And what abou picture-glance card for camera?


Notification is in planes as well as picture glance card support


Hi all.
0.5.0 is here. You can read more in the blog or check release on GitHub.
Also, Discord server is back: https://discord.gg/AUzEvwn


you remembered my UNLOCK LOCK request. Thanks a lot!!! Great new update. My number 1, per usage, app on my Android phone


your app is not alpha, not even beta in my opinion, absolutely ready to be used as the only way to access HASS frontend.


Fully agree.


Thanks @Klagio, @GoSpursGoNL. I’m planning to release 0.5.0 as public beta now. It will be beta because not all entities are supported now.