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[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Yes, it will be there, but not in alpha release.



I can not connect to home assistant via the app, I get code 1 as an error message all the time :frowning:



Please report an issue here: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client_pub/issues/new with log output. Thanks.



Played around a bit more with the app (now that I have created some views/groups in HA, whereas on the web I only use lovelace). Its surprisingly stable and fast already! With some extra functionalities - cover (up, stop, down) and dimmable/RGB lights I might even start using it on a daily basis already.

I noticed by the way that many icons for entities show up in the app as well, but not all (f.i. the cover and device_trackers).

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Thanks for your feedback =)
Covers is in work. Could I ask you to report an issue on GitHub about missing device_tracker icons with a screenshot. Thanks!



Sorry guys for not updating the app, but I’ve lost my sign keys for app distribution =) Restoring is not a quick process, but new keys should be applied on Oct 10. I’m not promising to release tomorrow, but very soon.

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Android App for HA

When will be available new update of app?



Hi. I’m working on climate support now, there is a lot work to do. Also I want to add covers support to the next release as well. I think it will be released by the end of the week. Also there was a huge refactoring on how UI is built, that is why it takes a lot of time.



Any hope for acceptance of self signed certs??

BTW. This is the best app for HA for Android I ever tried. Thanks for the efforts.

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Ok i am waiting :slight_smile: Thanks for you works…

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Unfortunately not yet =(
BTW. Thanks! Nice to hear that.



There was a lot work to do, there was a lot of fully rewritten code, there was missed keys for apk signing… But 0.3.0 is here and here is what you’ll get (update in google play will be available in couple of hours):

  • Full UI build refactoring - Yes. Again. But it is all about speed and memory usage. And now it is much easier to develop new features
  • Climate support!
  • Covers support!
  • Entity attributes on Entity page
  • User account - now you will see your user name in app menu (in case you are using access token to login). Connection settings can be accessed by tap on user name
  • Asynchronous data fetching - SPEEED! All necessary data now loads asynchronously
  • Wrong authentication handling - now if your api password or access token is not valid you will see a proper error message
  • A lot of connection handling improvements - now most socket errors are handled immediately, not by timeout
  • Reconnect feature - app will try to reconnect automatically if there was a connection issue. But only once for now
  • Tabs scroll issue fix
  • Icon colors fix
  • Connection error icon added to app header
  • State message queue fix
  • Connection settings fixes and improvements
  • View building refactored to prevent memory leaks
  • Dependencies cleanup
  • Fetch timeout fix on app start

The next big thing is full lights (color, brightness etc.) and media players support.



On version 0.3.0 still is problem with tabs. On task bar show two tabs but i can not click on icon tabs to switch. Only scrool tabs by scrool screen from right to left.



So you can switch views by swiping left-to-right and right-to-left, but you can’t switch views by tapping it’s icon, Im I right?



I am not having that problem, tapping and swiping seem to work fine.



Yes right…



Please report this issue: https://github.com/estevez-dev/ha_client_pub/issues/new



I had the swiping issue as well when i first started V. - it is working fine now after a re-start of the app.



Will you ever support Tor-connected HA? Integration with Orbot so the app can connect to the .onion address.



I think about icon which i select by red. On first icon i can not click. Still is selected second but screen i can scroll