[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Thanks for adding the cover functionality! I would like to request one small improvement: if the cover status in home assistant is unknown, please enable all buttons. Currently up and down are disabled in the app in that situation.

In my case, the cover status always remains unknown in HA, I do that on purpose: because the cover can also be controlled from a (dumb) wall switch, HA never really can’t know whether the cover is up or down. So therefore I want all buttons to be always enabled (which is the case in the home assistant web interface by the way, in case of an unknown status).


Will do it. Thanks for clear explanation.


Maybe in future


I came here to say the same!
Thanks a lot for the covers, now I am fully using this app to control my Hass.io :slight_smile:

As @GoSpursGoNL said, if the cover status is unknown it would be great to keep all buttons enabled. I guess most people don’t have sensors in their covers to know the state, so the majority (me included) will have an unknown status all the time.

Also, I liked the previous app icon better than the new one, but this is only an observation.
Thanks a lot and keep it up!


Nice to hear that! Thanks a lot!
I’ll fix covers status today and tomorrow you’ll get and update.

About the icon. It is not perfect I know )) I’ll try to draw something else. Or you can try :wink:


Oh, I can assure you don’t want me to draw anything haha


I running my Hass.IO behind a Nginx Reverse Proxy, unfortunately the app just keeps repeating this error when trying to connect:

CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED: unable to get local issuer certificate(handshake.cc:363)

My HTTPS certificate are a public AlphaSSL wildcard, and not a self-signed.


@estevez did u already start on WearOS?


Unfortunately flutter framework don’t give me any control over ssl certificates acceptance. I’m still searching for solution on this and similar problems.


Not yet. The rough plan is:

  1. Support all entity types
  2. Lovelace UI support
  3. WearOS


Good work, hope the themes come soon


Good plan :slight_smile: Waiting then :slight_smile:


Version 0.3.1 is rolling out with minor UI fixes and cover buttons fix for ‘unknown’ state


This is a great piece of work - so much better to use on the mobile than the browser interface in many cases.


Just opened an issue on GitHub - I hope, that’s where you want them to be tracked:

I guess you’ll let me know if you need more details.


Any estimated time of arrivel for Lovelace support? 1-2 months, more/less, or is this even possible now, are we waiting for HA devs to release some kind of api for it?
Because I haven’t seen an android app with lovelace support yet and I’m curious.


There is an API for Lovelace available through websocket. So it is possible and not so hard. I’m personally in love with Lovelace, so I’m interested in it as well. It is planned to try to show Lovelace UI structure at least with default entity cards and simple glance cards in nearest month.


Do you happen to have a link to the documentation for the Lovelace API over websocket? I’d love to take a look. Thanks


It is not documented yet. The only way to take a look is a dev tools in browser.


That sounds good. What I like about Lovelace is the default ‘entity-filter’ card. I use it for doors and windows with the state filter ‘on’ so that the UI only shows open doors and windows, instead of a long list of all of them. Having that in the app would be great.