[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Just opened an issue on GitHub

Fair enough. Will do

This is a great piece of work - so much better to use on the mobile than the browser interface in many cases.

Thanks a lot for that! This is a main goal of this app.


Controlling the cover is working perfectly now, thanks! And I love how fast the app is fully loaded.


Before I raise the ticket, I would like to find out if it is only issue on my end, or somebody experienced the same issue. It happened after updating to 0.3.0.
My defined groups are folded, and those not defined in group.yaml are showing their entities. I tried clean install of an app and reboot HA, but this did not help. What I did though, I moved HA instance from sd card to memory stick and restored backup. All is working fine, apart from this HA app. So either it is coincidence, or this could be it.


Looks like you are the second one with this issue. Please report it to GitHub. Also copy logs right after UI is rendered and attach it to the issue. Thanks a lot.


Ha! Just reproduced it on my HA instance! Will investigate and fix ASAP


Fix is released in version 0.3.2


I’m on Discord now as estevez#6796


I can confirm it is displaying OK now. Thanks. So at the moment, I am not creating an issue ticket. :+1:


HA Client is now on Discord: https://discord.gg/NSaQEQ8


Release 0.3.3

  • Smart light support with brightness, color, effects
  • Group visibility support
  • assumed_state support
  • Bug fixes




When is this out


This will be in the next release somewhere in near weeks. It will handle Lovelace config but for now will show all cards as “type: entities”.


Hello community! I have one more teaser for you:

There is a couple of days left until next release with charts and initial Lovelace UI support.


Is there any way to get an apk of this so this can be installed on a device without the play store?


I think it make sense. I will make it available and inform you here.


Version 0.3.4 will be available in nearest hours:

  • Initial Lovelace support - you will see all cards as entities-type cards for now
  • History Charts - entity state and attributes history charts
  • UI build optimization
  • Hidden entities are now hidden


If you switched to Lovelace and the app is crashes on start, you need to clear app data to reset configuration. And create an issue on github with a screenshot of crash (red screen with errors) attached.


Hmmm, I have no errors, but switching to “use lovelace” in settings makes no difference. Only difference is some entities are hidden (as they should), but nothing close to my lovelace settings. I did app data and cache clear and still the same.


So I need an issue on github with logs copy-paste please.