Better Thermostat // Eve Thermo

Hello everybody,

I have several Eve Thermo thermostats connected to Home Assistant via HomeKit Controller. They work as expected - with the limitations that the device already has in HomeKit alone. The problem is the control of the temperature via the integrated thermometer, which in the heating state is always exposed to the heat of the heater, which disturbs the control and makes it almost impossible.

I have therefore installed ‘Better Thermostat’, which creates a virtual device. To this I can directly assign several devices, i.e. thermostat, external thermometer, window sensor etc., to which the device should react.

This works as hoped, but unfortunately Better Thermostat loses connection to the device after a while, so I can only control it via the thermostat created by the HomeKit Controller integration. This control then also works - but with the above-mentioned limitations.

Now I have to reload the individual Better Thermostat integrations to be able to control them again.

So it seems to me that the physical connection between Home Assistant and the Eve Thermo is established, but the logical connection from Better Thermostat to the device just cannot be established.

So my question is:
Do I need to disable or hide the original thermostat in HomeAssistant because then the data from the original thermostat takes precedence over that from Better Thermostat?

Has anyone perhaps the same problem (had) and an idea for a solution?

Thanks and many greetings

Hello Timo,

I’ve exactly the same problems you describe, I have the thermostat as the Eve window sensor.
I don’t know if it will also be your case, but what I’ve been able to observe is that the thermostat is rarely really deactivated when the window is open.

I tried to search on the subject and found your post.
It would be a shame to have to change these components, because in HomeKit they work perfectly for me.

Greetings Jordi

You’ve got problems with offset so i suspect that the thermostat itself works as it should(having in mind above mentioned limitations)?
I ask, because i tried to integrate one but the “current temperature” read from the internal sensor does not update/initialize- just stays on 0 degrees. I can change the “target temperature”- it gets confirmed on the device display after setting in ha(it works also the other way- target temperature change using the device buttons gets read by the ha immediately), but as the read temperature is 0 the valve is 100% open all the time.
I’ve “installed” the device using Eve app, then removed it, it was immediately found by homekit integration and i’ve paired it using 8-digit device code. I use sonoff dongle flashed to multiprotocol using this method as a border router.

Have You seen such a problem?