Better Thermostat - Nedis ZBHTR10WT Thermostat strange behavior

II’ve 3 Nedis Thermostat integrated over Sonoff Bridge and ZHA.
I used the simple thermostat card for a while, works so far but the measured from temperatur was much to high.
I added some Room Thermometers and the Better Thermostat Integration.
I also added the Scheduler component integration
That works also for some hours but then there are several strange behaviors.
E.g. scheduler says 6oClock 24C but it switched to 28.5
or works for 2 hours but than it switched to 30C (max temperature).
or scheduler switches it to 19C at 9Am but nothing happened.
or changed on the Thermostat Card but nothing happened.

I found this in the Log
better_thermostat RK_Hz: intigration: zha isn’t native supported

Is there an alternative with external Thermometer or hint to fix this?
Or is the nedis TS0601 crab?

I have pretty much the same setup (Sonoff bridge is flashed with Tasmota, which you don’t mention) and I have issues as well.

Mainly way higher measured temp than set - which I think might be OK as “smart” means it might be compensating.

But still I can confirm it works erratically. What I see in my setup is that the temp is reported once or twice an hour. Nedis spec sheets says it should be every two minutes. So if you are having similar update frequency, it might be that your integrations fail to control the temp because they are not receiving enough up to date data from the thermostat.

I have read that people have had multiple issues resolved with zigbee2mqtt setups, which I intend to check out soon for myself.

I personally think the thermostat is ok, but you are bound to have issues with devices the manufacturer has intended to be used only within their ecosystem.

After posting yesterday I decided to try out zigbee2mqtt and I can report it works much better. I can see data update properly every 2 minutes. Plus new features like child lock and window detection are available through HA.

So I’d say ZHA integration is “crab”.

Furthermore - zigbee2mqtt discovered this as Siterwell GS361A-H04 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT
From which I found far better manual than Nedis provides and discovered I had them installed wrong.

Good guide for setting this all up: Zigbee2MQTT with the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge | digiblurDIY

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