Binary Sensor OK but OneWire not working

Has anyone successfully implemented the binary Sensor and the One Wire sensor on RasPi Rasbian Jesse.

Binary Works with No Issues.
When I try to implement OneWire I get “No onewire sensor found” error.
I have made appropriate changes in /boot/config (both with and without Pin4 specified) with no luck
I have tried both RasPi and external supply for power
I have tried 5 verified functional sensors(i have also utilized sensor in my projects previously)

Looking for a hint if anyone has one.

Thank you

Not sure if this will help out or not but my experience with HAss and and the RPi GPIO is that you have to add the HAss user (assuming you used the all-in-one installer) to the GPIO group. Even though, according to a lot of notes, you shouldn’t have to do this its the only way I can get the GPIO switching to work. Might also be the case with reading GPIO.

Im curious about this one, I’ve got a handful of ds18b20 sensors I am going to try to hook up tonight. My initials thoughts were using an arduino but I don’t see why I need one. All of the pictures on line point to GPIO4. Why this one? I really hope its as easy as the lack of documentation makes it seem!

I will try adding hass user to GPIO.

I currently do use GPIO as input and switch pins in HA.
I presumed if that Switch/sensor works, OneWire would work as well

I am not using “All in One” installer.
HA is running as user PI in my install.

I tried my 1wire sensors last night and unfortunately mine did not work. However this has nothing to do with HAss, all 5 of my sensors come back with an address of 00-xxxxxxxxxxx, this is my first attempt to use this type of sensor and from what I have found online they are supposed to show up addressed as 28-xxxxxxxxxxxx. Can you find your sensors from the command line? You might also need to activate 1wire support. There’s a setting in raspi-config to enable it ( make sure you run raspi-config as sudo) there is also a line that can be added to /boot/config.txt, I am not sure if enabling in raspi-config adds the line or not.

I’ve previously used these with Pi and had no issue.
I tried reading directly but Pi doesn’t see the sensor.
It may be voltage or other issue. This wasn’t permanent so not large issue. Just curiousity at this point.

I was able to get them working on the pi’s I have one pi that just will not read them. Tested on 3 other pis and all 8 sensors read fine. Weird. NO idea why.

Are you using same SD card+image for each pi?
I will try others.

Same image, same boot config, same sensors, maybe I damaged the gpio on that on who knows

Hi, any idea? I have same problem.

This is old.issue so cannot remember.what happened. Also many version changes and and VENV since then so likely not relevant.

Do you see any errors in logs?