BitronVideo AV2010/24A integration (Telekom Magenta Smarthome)

has anyone already integrategrated a BitronVideo Smoke detector to HA?
Its a BitronVideo AV2010/24A from Telekom Magenta Smarthome.


Sorry for the necroposting, but I also have one of these and was wondering if someone had looked into them.

They work for me with deconz, besides the siren. You can turn it on via HA but you can’t turn it back off that easy because the siren device instantly turns to off in HA after turning on, but the siren keeps on going. You can only turn it off by quickly tuning it on and off right after.

They work perfectly with zigbee2mqtt integration

Can you toggle the siren with zigbee2mqtt <-> HA?

I’d be interested in understanding how to trigger the siren as a non-smoke related alarm, such as a security system.