Blank Icons in Firefox after 0.110 update

After the 0.110 update, I’m getting blank icons all over HA: dashboards, sidebar, menu’s etc. This is what I’m getting in Firefox:

In Chrome, I get what I’d normally expect:

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve tried clearing the Firefox cache, but no luck.

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NotFoundError: IDBDatabase.transaction: 'mdi-icon-store' is not a known object store name

Appear in the FF inspector console when reloading but not in chrome

Guess FF is not finding this resource. I don’t see any error on the network page.

Guess it’s chrome for time being until I can resolve this.

BTW I tried with other instances of FF I run that don’t share cache/etc and they all have the same issue.

Same issue here, after upgrading to 0.110 or 0.110.1.

Same on 0.110.1

Guess we are not getting the attention of the powers that be. Maybe one of us needs to file an issue at github. FF fail seems like a big deal, just saying.

I don’t see any related issues

But just today 110.2 was released so I’ll try that. Maybe they fixed it?

well seems to be fixed in 101.2. I tried several FF profiles on two machine. So give it a try.

I see that latest frontend had a fix and that was incorporated in 110.2. So that s’plain it.

Solved indeed after upgrading to 0.110.2

Confirmed as well, upgrading to 110.2 solved it. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with the issue!