Blink cameras: multiple accounts possible?


I’m looking for a way to integrate more than one Blink account and create the camera entities. One account works very well. Currently using 0.100.3.

We use two Blink installations with two different accounts and one sync module each:

account1 - sync1 - camera1, camera2
account2 - sync2 - camera3, camera4, camera5

Using the integration

  username: account1
  password: xyz
  scan_interval: 900
  binary_sensors: ...

it’s not possible to use more than one account.

Is there any way (blinkpy?) to integrate multiple blink accounts and create the corresponding camera entities to show them in the lovelace ui?

No, right now this isn’t supported. I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard to implement since we can just create a blinkpy instance per user.

Having only one account myself makes this a bit tricky to test…but I’ll mess around when I can. May just pick up another camera to create a second account and mess around haha

If you’re python-savvy, a temporary workaround could be to just run a python script that uses the blinkpy library to download images locally and then you display them in home-assistant with a local file pointer. This isn’t super hard, but not trivial either.

Python isn’t a problem, I was thinking about doing something similar to just get the images. But then I (rather the wife ;-)) would like to be able to enable/disable motion detection etc.pp.

If you get to implement a multi-bridge solution and need someone to beta test, please let me know, glad to help! And thanks for your effort to integrate Blink!

Has anyone been able to successfully add more than one account to ha yet? Blink forces you to logout and back into their app so this workaround on ha would be great for folks like me that have a home and business account that are separate.