Blink Integration - Doorbell support


is it possible to add support for the doorbell in the Blink integration?

I do have a blink outdoor camera and a doorbell in my blink setup. The camera is accessible through HA but the doorbell is not been found by the integration.

Thank for your great work.

I second this.
Looking to get a doorbell pressed event out of this, has anyone managed to get this via third-party integration or otherwise?


I guess there’s no action on this :unamused:

and if you have 2 doorbells, they merge together.

on my system, I see doorbell “frontdoor”, but all entities are from “rear door”… :slight_smile:

I hope this will be fixed soon

Maybe @fronzbot can assist or advise? I would love to have a shelly relay or similar ring our old bell for a few seconds on pressing the doorbell button.

Yes the hack is to create input_button.front_gate_doorbell and then create an Alexa routine that toggles this button as you can get doorbell press from Alexa