Blink Integration support for Mini Cameras

The Blink integration works well with my Blink X2 cameras, but my Blink Mini cameras don’t show up at all. It’s possible I’m doing something wrong, but I suspect it is actually these new cameras which operate a bit differently from their traditional cameras (i.e. they don’t use the Blink hub).

I’m really interested to know if this truly is a current limitation of the integration.

Very interested in this answer to know if I send it back to amazon or not :slight_smile:

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Looks like a work in progress on the library used by the component: open issue

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Would it be possible to include this library into my current system, or thoughts on when it will be available on the release version of HA?


Support for mini cameras is in progress. I’m hoping to get it included in the next release, but no promises. Trying to iron out some unrelated bugs first


Any updates on this? Would love to have my Minis incorporated with HA

+1 on this. Just added my first Blink Mini and keen to get it integrated. I see in the Github logs that progress has been made, any idea when this will make it to release?

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There’s an outstanding unrelated issue with blink sending an email every 24hrs with a new 2FA pin that I’ve been trying to fix prior to release. I’m pretty close to being out of ideas there, though, so may release in the next week regardless.

Other than that, I already have the code in HA added and tested (mini cameras working and all), just haven’t submitted a PR yet since I have made the official library release yet


Sounds awesome.

What’s the issue with the pin? As in, what does that effect?

So it actually doesn’t seem to impact anything. What happens is the auth token expires every 24hrs triggering a new 2FA email to be generated by blink. But the email (and pin contained in the email) can be completely ignored… it’s just more annoying than anything. I will probably just end up releasing the library as-is and just add a note to the documentation that you can ignore the “verify login” emails from blink. Something may break in the future because of it but I’ve been testing for nearly a month with no issues so :man_shrugging:


Do it! Maybe they’ll sort out the 2FA stuff. Many thanks for your efforts!

PR for mini support is in.

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has this mini support been released yet?

I’m just glad to get 113 out and my cameras working again … it would be useful to know how to see when to expect the changes merged into dev and a potential release.

When the volunteers that review PRs and approve changes get around to it. Please be patient :pray: Experience says if not by the next beta release, it will be in the one after (so likely by 0.115)

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Thanks @fronzbot … I appreciate the work you are doing … as we all are …

I’m interested to understand the HA process to merge. Your work should be gold star!

Just FYI, PR has been merged and mini support will be included in the 0.114 beta


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the work you have done here!

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Thank you so much !

Thank you so much for the update for the Mini!
Somehow I am having issues as the status of alarm_control_panel.blink_mini1 always shows “Armed Away” even if disarmed.