Blink.trigger_camera not updating thumbnail

I would like to capture an image when the blink camera detects motion. I use the following code, which works inconsistently. This automation sucessfully saves the file everytime, but sometimes the image is from previous motion detection event.

I have tried duplicating the trigger service with 5s, 10s delay, but unable to get the latest image reliably.

There is nothing in HA logs or automation trace that indicates why sometimes it fails to get the latest image.

Anyone using blink.trigger_camera service reliably?

  - service: blink.trigger_camera
    data: {}
      entity_id: camera.g8t2_hv01_2513_6nqt
  - data:
      filename: /config/www/images/cam.jpg
    service: camera.snapshot
      device_id: 1263a1fc15737ebb2bc46cb4cfa5fac5