Blink XT2 and 0.104.3 Upgrade on RPi

Have tried and restored from 104.3 back to 103 a few times, mainly because, 104.3 keeps finding old entities, be they sensors, or old light bulbs So after a few months of stability thought I’d push forward again, and notice the following. My configuration.yaml had commented out blink definition, and my custom.yaml hidden items. Under 104 their unavailable status requires each had to be clicked through to clean up, and sensors re-hidden in the customization attribute again. (Not respected in upgrade) . With the battery life concern of polling the Blinks, and now the unavailability status, I commented out my Blink, and resolved to be using the phone app. (sadly). But the blink Disarm / Alarm Control Panel reappears after restart, without the sync (Home) name. The Lovelace card can not be clicked on to eliminate and hidden only works for the refresh but comes back on the restart. May be unforseen awaiting fix or a function of the card type awaiting fix. See attached.Annotation 2020-02-03 132805

Was able to eliminate it from appearing through Configuration… Entities and Sliding Enabled (presumably disabled) rather than deleting it.

My Blink XT2 still works fine with Home Assistant. They just added instant notification when motion is detected so I’m curious if my light automation will trigger faster with this new update.