Block or disable specific service or specific device?

Is there a way to disable a service from being called for a given entity?

I have my garage door as a cover, but I don’t have a use case to be able to open it from hass so as added security (my hass is remotely accessible) I’d like to be able to disable cover.open_cover from being invoked.

If no such feature exists, I guess I could copy the myq component and make a myq_secure that just has open removed

If your instance is remotely accessible you have a password on it correct, a nice strong password?

Yes, I have a strong password - it’s more just a matter of why even give hass the ability to open the garage if I don’t plan on using that function

Just change the way the garage door is presented to Hass from a cover to a template sensor.

You’ll still be able to see it’s state, but not operate it from the UI. If you want you can even pretty it up and template in different icons for open / close.

The top one is the templated sensor, the bottom is the original cover

The cover could still be opened from the services tab. Although this would be a step to make it so only someone who really knows HA could open it.

If someone had nothing better to do than crack my Home Assistant password, work out where I live, work out how to use the services tab to open the garage door with the intention of getting in there, I’d meet them in there with a cold beer and ask them why they didn’t just open the gate and come around the back :joy:


Bump. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Until the new auth system is fully implemented there is currently no solution