BLT presence in docker environment - "no such device"

Is anyone able and willing to share their configuration for getting Andrew ( program running on the laptop that hassio docker is using ?
with embedded MQTT ?

Just to clarify further, I have a laptop running Ubuntu xenial
On it I deployed HASSIO
MQTT is running as an add-on

I have installed monitor on the laptop , configured mqtt_preferances to use the correct username / password from mqtt addon but all I get is “no such device”

/ -c A8:2B:B9:02:E0:27
> starting (v. 0.2.197)...
> removing previous pairings to A8:2B:B9:02:E0:27
^C> creating connection to A8:2B:B9:02:E0:27...
> witihin 5 seconds, please set A8:2B:B9:02:E0:27 to discoverable...
> connection created to A8:2B:B9:02:E0:27
root@ha:/home/steven/monitor# ./ -b
> starting (v. 0.2.197)...
> warning: variable mqtt_publisher_identity does not appear in: mqtt_preferences. using hostname: ha.
Can't get device info: No such device