Bluebot extreme

Hello, has someone ever dealt with the integration of a Blaupunkt Bluebot vacuum cleaner or does someone know how to get the data to get this device in vacuum.
Thanks for the case that someone can help.

Hi Stefan, I recently purchased a Blaupunkt Bluebot extreme. I have intergrated this with Home Assistant via the Tuya intergration. A Good tutorial can be found here: The New TUYA Home Assistant Integration (FULL SETUP) - YouTube . Please note that for now it’s only possible to activate and stop the robot via Tuya but I think they will later add things like recharging etc. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to link the Bluebot vacuum to the tuya app.

The integration between Tuya and HA shouldn’t be an issue. But how did you manage to integrate Tuya with the Bluebot XTreme?

You need install either the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, and add your Bluebot in there. Just reset the vacuum by holding home and power button for 5 seconds and add it in the tuya/smart app, you won’t lose maps/schedules by doing this (the app is very similar, it just supports more devices). After adding the device in tuya or smart app you can follow this guide Tuya - Home Assistant – using the bluebot app to link the device in tuya portal won’t work (you can scan the QR code from the bluebot app, but it won’t add the device in the portal, you really need the tuya or smart app).