Bluesound Events


Using the HA UI, I have added a trigger to an existing, working automation. That new trigger incorporates my Bluesound Node N130 (media streamer) as a trigger to turn on other devices.

Those triggers are ‘State Change’ triggers as follows:

  • When the Node either ‘Changes from’ ‘Off’ to ‘On’ or;
  • When the player changes from ‘Paused’ to ‘Playing’.

My Problem: these triggers only work some of the time.

For details see parameters selected in the attached screenshot.

Note: the trigger that has been working successfully for this automation uses a ‘Manual Event’ trigger (that is unrelated to the Bluesound). Therefore, I would like to create a manual event trigger using an event from the Bluesound Node in the hope that this fixes my problem.

However, I have been unable to do that because I can’t determine the ‘event type’ because I have not been able to listen to the Bluesound events using the Developer Tools, Event Listener.

My question/s:

  1. Can anyone help by explaining how I might listen to events relating to the Bluesound integration? HA sees the device as a ‘media_player’ - so is there a media player listener I can use?
  2. If I can’t use an ‘Event’ based trigger should the ‘State Change’ triggers that I have configured be working (i.e. have I configured them incorrectly)?


  • The automation in question works beautifully with another trigger that I set up - the devices that I want to switch on and off, toggle correctly.
  • I have been able to successfully integrate my Bluesound Node by updating the YAML Configuration file.
  • I have been partially successful with the state change automation that incorporates the Bluesound Node into this automation. I say partially because it only works some of the time.
  • I have read the documentation for the Bluesound integration here: Bluesound - Home Assistant
  • I have also read the Event Listener documentation trying names like Bluesound, BluOS, bluesound_event as event types to listen to - these event types are not correct.
  • I have searched the Logs for any Bluesound events - cannot find any.

Hi, I seemed to have answered my questions on my own:

  1. I used the ‘state_changed’ event listener in developer tools to surface the event type information that I was looking for.
  2. By changing the ‘From state’ (see attached screenshot above) to: ‘Any state (ignoring attribute changes)’ seemed to resolve the issue with the trigger I configured using the UI template. Also important not to use ‘Toggle’ and to use ‘Turn on’ as I am using the automation to switch on devices.