Bluesound volume limited to 6

I’m a happy user of the Bluesound integration. But i’m facing a problem with the volume_up media player service. It does not go higher than 6. I can use the volume slider in the media player card and choose any volume. But when I use the volume+ button or the media_player.volume_up sevice, it never exceeds 6. When I use the slider to go past 6, than volume_up works again. But once it is below 6 again, it can not go beyond. Anyone with the same behaviour?

Hi Manu,

Look in the Bluesound app under settings → player → audio → limits. Maby there’s your problem?


Hi Thekholm,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I checked and have no limits configured on my different players (I forgot to mention in my previous post that all my Bluesound players have the same behaviour).