Bluetooth device tracker - state not changing, only works once

Hello there, I have been having trouble getting the bluetooth device_tracker to work for a few weeks now. There are no errors in the log, but the state of the tracked device does not change.
When I remove the bluetooth tracked device from known_devices.yaml the device shows up again upon restart of hass, with the correct state home.
Problem is that the tracker never changes the state of the tracked device after that. Any hints on where I should start looking to solve this? Thanks!

Did you get this sorted as I am seeing the same issue ??

No not yet. All my tracked Bluetooth devices are stuck on away, no matter what the actual state is. Maybe it’ll sort itself out, that has happened too you know :smiley:

I encountered the same issue when I tried to implement Bluetooth tracking from my main HA RPi. I had a second pi zero just used to connect to the Bluetooth soil probes I have so I decided to run it off there and it changes state within 30 seconds. I forced the state change manually and it triggered back to home in no more then 30 secs. I have now deployed 2 more pi zero with ha and Bluetooth tracking around the house and it has been working very well. I use the ha api to get the device_tracker state into my main HA.

The annoying thing is it used to work perfectly using the built in Bluetooth of the Hass machine, zotac in my case. Very good improvement for accuracy of presence detection next to WiFi and GPS :expressionless:
It just stopped recognizing home/away, and I can’t afford to run an extra machine just for Bluetooth. I’d rather grind to find my mistake.