Bluetooth dongle problem

I have a Asus USB-BT400 connected to my HAOS install running under VMware ESXi
But I get lots of error in the log. For example: It changes from hci0 to hci1 from time to time
At first I had the dongle connected to the computer but now its connected using an USB extention. Same problem
Everything is on the latest stable verion

Any idea whats wrong?

  • Couldn’t discover bluetooth devices: error communicating with local bluetooth adapter
  • Adapter with mac address 5C:F3:70:A9:08:71 has moved to hci1
  • hci0 (5C:F3:70:A9:08:71): Failed to restart Bluetooth scanner: hci0 (5C:F3:70:A9:08:71): Failed to start Bluetooth: [org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownObject] Method “SetDiscoveryFilter” with signature “a{sv}” on interface “org.bluez.Adapter1” doesn’t exist