Bluetooth integrations (Chandler Water Filter and Homedics Drift)

I have been amazed at how many things I’ve found pre-existing integrations for, but two things I’ve not found yet are both bluetooth items. The Homedics Drift Sand art table was fairly big this past holiday season and while I imagine things like loading designs isn’t likely, controlling the light and light color and starting/stopping playlists would be an awesome thing to be able to control via Home Assistant.

The other thing that’s probably less common, but more along the lines of integraitons I’ve found is for a Chandler water systems iron filter.

It’s got a simple app (strangely named Legacy View App Legacy View App | CSI Water Treatment Systems) that connects over bluetooth and controls the unit and displays all kinds of things HA integrations usually have, but unfortunately external access isn’t possible, but Home Assistant could probably solve that.

I’ve searched and found nothing. Is there a place where you can post integration requests?



Agree with the homedics drift. Would definitely like to see this.


Just wondering if you found any way to connect to these filters

I have not unfortunately

I’m interested in this as well as I have their Iron Filter and Water Softener. I just installed a bluetooth proxy as well, so I’ve been looking for devices to connect. This would provide some good information I think.