Bosch Indego no longer working since 2024.6.3

I use the Bosch Indego integration. It has some issues, like it does not update its state very accurate, but it worked. Glad to see that 2024.6.3. anounces some fixes. Sadly, since the update it isn’t working at all.

Tried to remove and reinstall the integration; That requires authenication at Singlekey-id. Alhough I succesfull logged in, it never came back to the integration…

What am I doing wrong?

Found the solution here: Die Verbindung zur Bosch Indego API ist fehlgeschlagen! · Issue #233 · jm-73/Indego · GitHub
Remove the config, create it again and in that process, change the user-Agent to anything but HomeAssistant.

Bosch seems yet another company that is not very charmed with the idea that people use their products with as they like instead of hooked up to the Bosch app.