Breaking changes should filter to show only used components

Right now, finding breaking changes that apply to my build before installing an update is a painful process. The current process is to open an external link and manually scan through a list of breaking changes, a list that is getting longer with each update. Since I only care about breaking changes for the few components that are in my configuration, there should be an easily accessible list filtered to show only breaking changes to those components.

With that filtered list I can quickly make an educated decision on whether I am ready to install the update.

For privacy, this filtering would have to be done inside a home assistant instance rather than on the external website.

Nice idea, but not sure how practical it is. I’ll vote for it though. You should too.

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I would absolutely use a breaking changes list filtered by installed integrations… Great idea.

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Oops Ha ha thanks for the reminder.

I don’t know how involved it would be to implement, but I’m sure if it is important to enough people they will find a way.