Broadlink cause no start off HASS

After a reboot yesterday home assistant didn’t fire up. After some work, I think I found the problem. It seems that it’s broadlink that causes home assistant not to start. When I add the following (see below), the home assistant refuses to start. No errors in the log file. A few days ago everything worked
Anyone idea?

  - platform: broadlink
    host: '##LOCAL IP HIDDEN##'
    mac: '##MAC HIDDEN#'
    timeout: 15
        friendly_name: Tivo-box
        command_on: 'JgBaADk6Ojk6Ojk6OTo5Hh0dHQALiTk7Ojk5Ojk7OTo5HhweHAALijo5OTo6Ojk6OTo6HRweHAALijk7OTo6OTk6Ojo5HhweHAALijk6OTo5Ozo5OTo5Hh0dHQANBQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'
        command_off: 'JgA8ADodHRwdOTk7OTo5OjkeHR0cAAuKOh0dHRw6OTo5Ozo5Oh0cHhwAC4o5Hh0dHDo5Ojk6OTo6HR4cHQANBQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=='

try taking ’ ’ off of the host: entry.

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Thank you!