Broadlink remotes not working after wifi issue

I had an incident yesterday where I was trying to see if I could get Siri to open a home page in an app.

It interpreted that as a request to send an ‘open’ command to everything in my home.

All of my lights came on, all of the switches were toggled, several devices were put into ‘paused’ mode on my router (including my Home Assistant Yellow), my oven and refrigerator were switched into ‘Sabbath mode’ (took me a long time to figure that one out, i was afraid I needed to make a service call), and several other devices/integrations were inoperable in Home Assistant. The ‘check configuration’ in Developer Tools wouldn’t even work.

I have gotten almost everything working now, but the Broadlink commands no longer work. I can control the devices in the Broadlink app but they no longer work in Home Assistant. I have tried reloading each device, but no change. Existing scripts that use the ‘Remote: Send’ command don’t work, and the ‘Remote: Learn’ command doesn’t work either to learn new commands.

I use these for many automations, I especially use remote commands to mute several devices via an automation called from a button next to my desk if I get a call when I’m working.

Does anyone know what i can try to get this working again? I haven’t tried removing the integration and reinstalling, not sure if that would mean I’d have to re-learn all of the commands again.

Finally figured it out.

The devices have a control which was switched off. I don’t think of them as a “switch”, so I didn’t think to look for that under the device details. It was as simple as switching them back on.