Broadlink RM Mini 3 code database / Samsung TV HDMI selection

Hi Claudio,
May I know how you get the code? I’m looking for the code of menu button. can you guide me please?


I used SURE android app on a phone that has IR blaster.

If you don’t have i can do it for you for some commands

Hi Claudio,

Thanks for sharing, do you mind share with me the code for menu button? I point my remote control on RM mini but I don’t see the light flash after I pressed the menu button.

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Kheng Soon

These might be compatible


OMG, thanks alot quasar66 ^^ I’m trying out now

If you have time, please let me know if it works and the tv model so I can make a list.

Hi quasar66, yes it work with Samsung The Frame TV,and the SURE app shared by claudio help me to learn how to get more IR code too.

Thanks guys.

Thank you! After trying to learn my remote (BN59-00691A) and have no input select buttons. These worked. Many many Thanks!

Hi guys

Has anyone noticed or experienced that the same code for turning on the tv or led etc can be used to turn it off? i.e. one code with two functions?

Is there a way to prevent this? Or is this an issue with the RM Mini 3 ?


thankyou @quasar66 these are great. I had learnt them already and they worked but yours are cleaner and shorter. I use these on the RM2 and an older Samsung UA55D7000

Most tv’s have a toggle power (usually on the remote) and other codes for on or off. I found mine for samsung tv’s by installing an IR remote on my android phone and recording those codes.

If you look at you can see that the first 3 are for power: toggle, on, off - 3 distinct codes.

What tv do you have? I’ll try looking for codes for you.

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@quasar66 Well I have a Samsung TV. Does the IR Remote app work to obtain any IR remote code?

I am more interested to have the on and off codes for my led lights. I do not want to use a single code for turning the lights on and off.

My Bravia didn’t respond to any commands, I think it’s using some budget version of the OS.
That said, the above SURE method totally worked for me. Do recommend.

@bachoo786 Am I understanding you correctly? You want separate on and off codes for an LED light that you own and not a TV? How are we supposed to know what LED light it is?

I have some cheap China LED strips with a mini remote. I can supply that code if you want to try…but this is only a tiny chance that they actually work.

@bigbemme What I meant was I would obtain the IR codes for my led lights using the IR app as suggested in the previous post.

I would be grateful if you could supply the codes for the Chinese LED strips as I have the same ones with the mini remote.

I have sniffed the on/off codes using RM mini 3 but like I mentioned in my earlier posts that the code for “on” not only turns on the led strip lights but also turns them off and this is something I do not want as in one of my PIR automation, the lights turn on and off everytime there is a motion which defeats the purpose really. The same applies to my Samsung TV.

Hope I have explained it better buddy!

Most of the chinese LED strips don’t have a discrete on and off they just toggle, so I would create an input_boolean to store the on condition and test if it’s on in the PIR automation to stop it turning off until you want it to (I think the same goes for a lot of TV’s (my Samsung TV only toggles)).

strange, most of them do have 3 codes (on, off, toggle)

@ bachoo786 Okay, I will try to provide some codes this evening. Let’s see if we can get it to work.

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Hmm since the remote can’t know what state the TV is in how would that work and most remotes don’t have discrete buttons for on/off/toggle they just have one power button that toggles the TV, however my TV is quite old (12yrs) so maybe they do now :slight_smile: However the cheap chinese LED strings that come with a remote don’t have discrete buttons they only toggle at least all the ones I’ve seen anyway :wink:

they do not have the physical button, but the code exists. My samsung tv is like that: only toggle on the remote, but in HASS I use ON and OFF (not toggle).

I think 99% of the samsung tv are like that (and the code is always the same), and almost all the remotes have the TOGGLE button (they are dumb but they … toggle)