Broadlink RM Mini 3 code database / Samsung TV HDMI selection

It seems that’s changed since I bought my TV then :slight_smile: , we should go back to the old days no remotes, black and white 425 lines :smiley:

Try the codes.

it worked on a 2012 samsung tv

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OK, will give it a go :slight_smile: , but having a lot of trouble with HA using stretch and 52.1 as it keeps trying to install bluez/gattlib which means it takes an hour or so to restart :frowning:

Good shout @anon35356645 it works a treat :slight_smile: and the discrete HDMI codes work as well , very pleased!

yep there are many more codes available then what you see on the remote


Herer are some codes, for cheap LED products.

This is from the LED strip

  friendly_name: 'LED Strip'

This is from some sort of LED beacon

  friendly_name: 'LED Teelicht'

Please give it a try and let me know.


Thanks for the code and sorry for the late reply.

The first code Led Strip works perfectly for the led strips with the 24key remote. They turn on and off using the codes you have given and each code performs a single action i.e on or off. This code however does not work with the led strip lights that come with 44key remote.

The second code Led teelicht does not turn on nor off any of the led strips lights all it does is change the led strip light (44key remote) to light blue colour. It also gets the lights to perform a fading action on the 24key remote leds.

It seems that this is the only thing I can supply. Sorry!

Here is another idea: I use the cheap LED strip together with an RF power switch so that I rather use RF commands to switch it’s power. Works fine for me since the last used color is stored by the strip and it won’t switch colors to a default value.

Ah right I will look into that thanks buddy.

Hi @keithh666 could you please give an examale on how I could use it with the input boolean ?


Sorry was on holiday :slight_smile:

OK, I would do something like…

In input_boolean.yaml

    name: Nightlight Detect
    initial: off 

In automations.yaml

 - alias: 'Turn on Livingroom Lights'
      - platform: state
        entity_id: switch.pilivingroompir
        to: 'on'
      - condition: state
        entity_id: input_boolean.nightlights
        state: 'off'
      - service: homeassistant.turn_on
        entity_id: light.livingroom
      - service: homeassistant.turn_on
        entity_id: input_boolean.nightlights

So basically since the initial state of the nightlights is off, the first time the pir triggers on it will allow the lights to turn on, however the action turns on the nightlights IB and from then on the pir won’t affect the lights :slight_smile: To allow them to turn off you would have to set up either another automation maybe time based to reset the IB or just turn the IB off in the front end.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Why do you turn on the IB ? Thought the initial state should be off for the whole process to work?

Well from the logic it has to be off initially which is supplied by the initial: off when defining it and then I turn it on so that the PIR triggering wont toggle the lights off which is what I thought the whole point was?

Ah fair enough I see what you mean.

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Hi @bigbemme how do you use the RM to both send and receive codes at the same time? Thanks

Hi Raptor,

sorry for the late reply.

You simply go to the service menu in the homeassistant UI. Then choose the domain broadlink and the learn_command. Then hit “call service” and use your phone or tablet with the sure universal remote app to send a the desired command. You will see the code then displayed on the state page in the UI.

Please try and let us know if there is any problem.

Hi thanks it works fine

Ok, I’m using Sure remote and I’ve got the discrete code for HDMI 3 working. However I just can’t get the code for HDMI 1!

I’ve tried 10 times, got a different code each time and none of them work. A light flashes on the broadlink but not the corresponding light on the TV. If I try the app on the phone it works ok.

Any ideas how to fix it ?

Im having issues with on of my devices, it requires me to press power button twice sending same code to turn off the device. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks

Edit: Nevermind, managed to solve it using a script.

Hi all,

Got my Broadlink RM3 working with my LG TV.

The LG TV codes posted in the original Broadlink component docs work.

However, when I convert a discrete code found online - here, for example: - then convert to base64 using the link in the component docs - all my outputted codes start with AAA etc, rather than the J shown in the docs.

Needless to say, these new ones (starting AA etc) dont work…

Anyone else know how to get / convert these discrete codes?